Fully-Insured Dog Walker

$45.00/60-minutes, $5.00/each additional dog

Structured walks with a safe and highly-experienced dog-walker provide your dog with a great opportunity to exercise and practice appropriate behavior around people, cars, animals, other dogs, and all manner of other distractions. We can also air, confine, play with, feed, water, medicate, or otherwise care for your animal.

Please provide the safety equipment your dog prefers to wear when the two of you normally walk. We will use our own leashes. If the walker determines that the equipment you provided for your dog’s walk is unsafe or inadequate, they will use a safe backup collar and/or any other safety equipment they deem necessary to ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved.

Please provide address and access information in the “Appointment Notes” section of the booking app.

If you need to cancel or terminate your dog’s stay, please let me know at least 24 hours in advance to avoid incurring additional fees.

Same-Day Cancellation Penalty for Less than 24 Hours Notice

  • $30.00

Pack Walks

Pack Walks offer a unique opportunity for leash-trained dogs in the same neighborhood to get lots of exercise and structured social-immersion at a fraction of the cost of a traditional dog walk. With a trusted, safe handler at the helm, multiple dogs from different households can achieve a pack synergy that enables long outings and ensures your family pet will return calm, cool, and collected for the rest of the day.

Pack Walks are assessed at an hourly rate of $15.00 per household + $5.00 per dog. You can easily see how Pack Walks provide an outstandingly economical alternative to single-household walking services like Wag and Rover!

Safety of dogs and humans alike is always our top priority, and due to the nature of these sort of things, I can only accept non-aggressive dogs who already walk nicely on leash and collar.

If you and your neighbors are interested in collaborating on a Pack Walk, Contact Us and let us know that you’d like to be considered.