Obedience Training

AMPS Obedience Training

Dog owners of perspective have come to want the type of obedience upon which a blind person might stake his life, and the emotional stability that is vital to dogs in the presence of small, unpredictable children.

Koehler, 1962

At AMPS, we believe that Obedience is the most important aspect of training that ensures success and harmony for dogs in their useful relationship to humans. Each of our courses is designed to guide a dog toward greater levels of reliability and stability by the program’s end.

Why Obedience?

“Obedience,” from the Latin ob+audire: (obey, be subject, serve; pay attention to, give ear,1) can be defined simply as “listening, paying attention.” How many more fun and exciting things could you do with your dog if only he listened to you? Which behavior issues could be solved if your dog simply understood when you told him “do this” or “don’t do that?”

In obedience training, we teach a unique language that allows for communication across both ends of the leash. We find that, for the majority of behavior problems, simple obedience training suffices to clear the issue up, and for those “tough” problems that remain, obedience training makes resolving the problem much easier.

How do you train?

Our practices are based on time-honored techniques that use natural body-language and simple training principles to invoke a calm, attentive, thoughtful state of mind, encouraging the dog to make appropriate decisions around temptations, distractions, and emergencies in-relation to you, his competent master.

Each of our courses uses a step-by-step, classical method developed over decades of refinement with thousands of dogs to teach, train, and proof the team without over-pressuring or leaving knowledge gaps. Our progressive training model provides for a lifetime of mental and emotional development producing a companionship most owners will only ever dream of.

Music to your Dog’s Ears

Reliability off lead should always be the most significant criterion when evaluating and comparing training methods.

Koehler 1990

Far too often, discussion about dog-training styles and techniques tends to revolve around equipment choice, behaviorist psychology, pack-hierarchy, or any number of other vague and questionable treatments of the central fact of training: that sometimes, there are things the dog must do, whether he wants to or not.

At AMPS, we eschew any and all “theories” of dog-training which are not based on proof that they produce repeatable, reliable, and objectively measurable results, both in the ring and on the street. This is why we require objective readiness tests at each level of training with hard Pass/Fail distinctions to ensure the team is ready to move forward. This is also why we train to nationally recognized standards, guaranteeing that your training experience is based on the most solid foundation possible

Are you feeling overwhelmed by the torrent of contradictory and unintuitive “tips, tricks, and hacks” espoused by “dog training influencers” on TikTok and YouTube? Perhaps you’re tired of hearing, “Maybe try this,” or, “Hopefully he’ll do that,” and feeling like you’re wasting your valuable time and hard-earned dollars on training that crumbles under pressure? At AMPS, you can rest-assured that your qualified Dog Obedience Instructor will explain precisely what he’s doing, why he’s doing it, when you can expect results, and how much it will cost you.

Training Options

We offer three training arrangements to accommodate the widest range of scheduling, behavioral, and budgetary requirements:

Group Classes are subject to schedule availability. Click HERE for current Group Class offerings and RSVPs.

Private Lessons afford more one-on-one interaction between the dog-handler team and the instructor. Private Lessons can be the right choice for owners or dogs who may feel intimidated or overwhelmed in a large Group Class setting.

Board and Train is a good choice for owners with busy schedules who don’t have the time to devote to daily dog training, or who may be ill, injured, or too far away to make the trip in for weekly lessons. Board and Train also offers the opportunity to work on specialized cases or training needs for which the Group Class or Private Lesson format do not provide a good fit. During a Board and Train, the client-dog will remain at AMPS for the duration of the training period. At least two mandatory handling lessons will be scheduled during the Board and Train, as well as an extensive take-home lesson.

Starting Off Right

Even though your dog may have had some training at home or with another school, we’ll start from the basics to make sure we’re building from a solid foundation before moving into advanced topics. Everything we teach, from simple on-leash exercises to advanced off-leash work like retrieving or scenting, builds from the foundation we establish in Companion Dog obedience, so it’s important to make sure we get that right!

Each course follows a week-by-week structure. The first lesson is always offered as a Free Demonstration, with the course fee payable-in-full by the Week 2 meeting. Each week, class will be held at a set time and location, and will run for approximately 60 minutes. The first portion of each class is devoted to Readiness Testing to ensure that the team is ready to move on, and having verified that the previous week’s homework has been completed, the instructor will demonstrate the new material and answer any questions that may have arisen. At the end of class, the instructor will distribute a handout containing brief summaries of any new exercises and the homework for this week’s at-home training.

Our courses are rigorous and demanding but not difficult to complete provided you are willing to put in the effort with your dog. Expect to spend about an hour per day of dedicated work during the Companion Dog or higher courses, and about 15-30 minutes per day in the Puppy and Beginner courses. If you have been diligent in your daily practice with your dog, you can expect that to show in the Readiness Testing, but if you haven’t put the work in your instructor WILL KNOW.

Companion Dog

All breeds 6 mo+

Our flagship offering, Companion Dog obedience is required for attendance in any of our advanced-level courses.

Modeled after the AKC’s Companion Dog (C.D.) obedience titling program and William Koehler’s The Koehler Method of Dog Training, this course is designed to take a completely green dog all the way from NO-bedience to off-leash reliability in about 2 months.

Exercises Included

  • Heel on Leash
  • Automatic Sit
  • Figure-8 Heeling
  • Sit-for-Examination
  • Off-Leash Stand for Examination
  • Off-Leash Heeling
  • Off-Leash Recall
  • Off-Leash Sit-Stay
  • Off-Leash Down-Stay
  • House Manners
  • Problem Solving
  • And so much more…

Time Commitment

60 min/day
10 Weeks

Group Class: $355.00
Private Lessons: $650.00
Board and Train: $3,000.00

Beginner Novice

All breeds 4 mo – 8 mo

Beginner Novice obedience is a fun way to prepare your young dog for the structure and precision of formal, Companion Dog obedience.

Modeled after the AKC’s Beginner Novice (B.N) obedience titling program and Amy Dahl’s 10 Minute Obedience, this course prepares a young dog to act responsibly on-leash in public around distractions. Lessons are designed to keep a young dog engaged and happy to work.

Exercises Included

  • Heel on Leash
  • Automatic Sit
  • Figure-8 Heeling
  • Sit-for-Examination
  • Sit-Stay (dropped leash)
  • Recall

Time Commitment

15-30 min/day
6 Weeks

Group Class: $213.00
Private Lessons: $390.00

Puppy Prime

All breeds 10-14 weeks

Puppy Prime is a specialized course designed to accustom a puppy to everyday handling and grooming and prepare him for later instruction.

Modeled after the Monks of New Skete’s The Art of Raising a Puppy, Puppy Prime makes use of natural mechanical conditioning to create a deep and long-lasting impression in the puppy’s memory making him much more biddable down the road.

Exercises Included

  • Grooming Table
  • Sit and Hold
  • Down Placement
  • Mouth Inspection
  • Stand and Hold
  • Nail Trimming
  • Brushing
  • Coming when Called
  • Loose-Leash Walking
  • Housebreaking
  • Crate Training
  • Puppy Discipline

Time Commitment

10-15 min/day
4 Weeks

Private Lessons: $260.00