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Companion Dog

10-13 Weeks, $3,000.00

The market’s most rigorous basic training experience – your dog stays with AMPS for the duration of the course. Price includes all essential training equipment (except remote trainer if requested), two Handling Sessions (at Weeks 4 and 8), one Take-Home Lesson, and Lifetime Support via Problem Solving sessions. Training is precisely tailored to work with your dog’s individual temperament, behavior, and needs.

With the AMPS Companion Dog Board and Train, you can expect:

  • Mastery of Novice-level obedience commands (Heel, Sit, Stand, Stay, Down, Come) on and off-leash
  • Reliability and stability around reasonable, everyday distractions
  • A developed sense of Response-Ability to right action, even when it isn’t explicitly communicated
  • Manners for Home and Away
  • Understanding of Rules, Boundaries, and Limitations
  • Extensive social-immersion with respectful humans and a well-balanced pack of stable dogs
  • Exposure to people, places, and things of all kinds, in the real world
“Link” the Great Pyrenees demonstrates reliability on and off-leash in a very high-distraction area.

Companion Dog Board and Train programs are particularly recommended for the following:

  • Owners with demanding occupations that don’t allow for daily dog-training
  • Owners with disabilities or mobility issues
  • Owners who are going on long vacations and want to come back to a happier, more obedient pet
  • Dogs with severe behavioral issues: incessant barking, destroying objects, digging holes
  • Dogs fighting one another in the home
  • Dogs with practiced aggression against people, other dogs, other animals (see Complete Dog-X below)

Complete Dog X

4-6 months, $5,400.00

X Factor: A quality you cannot describe that makes someone very special.

For the most discerning owners, the AMPS Complete Dog X Board and Train is the most extensive obedience training program at this price-level. Not only will your dog receive all the same training as in the Companion Dog Board and Train, but I will also teach, train, and proof your dog to the Companion Dog Excellent (C.D.X) standard. Price includes all essential training equipment (except remote trainer if requested), four Handler Sessions (Weeks 4, 8, 12, and 16), one Take-Home Lesson, and Lifetime Support via Problem Solving Sessions.

The C.D.X or “Open” obedience standard contains the building-blocks of many forms of advanced and specialized dog-work. The course centers around the instruction of a Formal Retrieve, the “X Factor” that can be expanded into specialized tasks like hunting, tracking, detection, disability assistance, etc. Additionally, the Drop on Recall exercise adds a huge buffer of safety for owners committed to responsibly handling their dogs off-leash, and the Jump exercises add a fun dimension of training for those interested in doing more with their dogs. Furthermore, all Companion Dog level obedience exercises will receive additional bomb-proofing for Complete Reliability and Response-Ability.

Summary of Exercises included in the AMPS Complete Dog “X” Board and Train

The AMPS Complete Dog “X” Board and Train is particularly recommended for the following:

  • Potential obedience competitors
  • Service/Therapy dog prospects
  • Hunting, tracking, SAR dog prospects
  • Dogs with documented bite-histories

You may be surprised at the last one on that list. Strangely enough, the biting problem is addressed very well by C.D.X training. At the Companion Dog level, we will obviously put a stop to any biting of the handler or others, but in my experience the best way to keep the biting dog from offending again is to teach him how and what to bite. While training the Formal Retrieve, the central exercise in the AMPS Complete Dog X program, we “gain control of the offending mouth” by making the dog use it for work. The very nature of the work we do in retrieve training requires us to extensively handle and manipulate the dog’s mouth, and teaching the dog to retrieve on command makes them think about using their mouth not just in the training yard but everywhere else as well.