Private Lessons


Personalized Training for Owners and Dogs

Private Lesson Arrangements enable specialized, one-on-one instruction of both handlers and dogs to enable maximum understanding and retention of the course material. Full courses are available from Puppy Prime to Open Obedience and beyond as well as one-off lessons for Group Class attendees who require additional instruction. Private Lessons may also be a good choice for owners or dogs with special needs that would not be well-served in the group class setting.

Course Structure

All AMPS obedience training courses are available as Private Lesson Arrangements. In a Private Lesson Arrangement, the instructor and student agree on a recurring time, day, and location for training. Upon arriving, the instructor will evaluate the student and student-dog with a Readiness Test to verify that the team is ready to move on. If the team passes the Readiness Test, the instructor will proceed to teach the new week’s material. On each of the 6 days between Lessons, the student is to personally train their student-dog on all of the exercises instructed during the Lesson located on that week’s Handout Sheet.

At the conclusion of each course is a Graduation Exercise. Upon completing the Graduation Exercise, the graduate will be presented with a signed Certificate of Completion acknowledging the team’s achievement and each course graduated entitles the team to enroll in higher-level AMPS dog training classes!

Course Offerings

Companion DogBeginner NovicePuppy Prime
EligibilityAll breeds, 6 mo+All breeds, 4-6 moAll breeds, 10-14 weeks
AMPS Companion Dog Graduate
AMPS Beginner Novice Graduate


  • The first Lesson is always offered as a FREE DEMONSTRATION
  • Payment is due in-full by the start of Lesson 2
  • Coaching Sessions are available at a rate of $33.00/45 minutes or $55.00/45 minutes on-location
  • If the student or student-dog fails a Readiness Test, they will be given remedial instruction to be billed as a Coaching Session
  • Reschedule requests must be submitted at least 24-hours before class-time
  • No-shows or failures to notify the instructor of a reschedule request at least 24-hours before class-time will result in a 1-Lesson reduction of the Private Lesson Arrangement
  • Lessons canceled or postponed by the instructor for any reason besides unreadiness of the student or student-dog will not result in a reduction of the Private Lesson Arrangement

Free Demonstration

Interested in seeing what an AMPS Private Lesson Arrangement can do for you? Book a FREE DEMONSTRATION and let’s get this show on the road!